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Auto AC Repair Thousand Oaks


We diagnose, repair and replace all of the following parts of the heating & hvac system, including:

  • Accumulator
  • Air Conditioning
  • Air Conditioning Recharge
  • Ambient Temperature Switch
  • Blower Motor
  • Blower Motor Relay
  • Blower Motor Repair
  • Blower Motor Replacement
  • Blower Motor Resistor
  • Blower Motor Switch
  • Cabin Temperature Sensor
  • AC Compressor Repair
  • Condenser
  • Control Assembly
  • Control Module
  • Discharge Air Temperature Sensor
  • Evaporator
  • Heater
  • Heater Core
  • Heater Hoses
  • High Pressure Safety Valve
  • AC Receiver Dryer
  • AC Refrigerant Charge
  • AC Refrigerant Leaks
  • Relays and Modules
  • Vacuum Reservoir
  • Vacuum Solenoid Valve

Auto AC Repair Thousand Oaks, That's Dependable, Won’t Leave You Stranded.

We love our cars and we want them kept in tip top shape. But when something stops working on our car, we want to be sure that is corrected the first time. No one wants to continue to go back to the shop to repair the same problem over and over. You want your Auto AC Repair Thousand Oaks to be a service that is reliable and knowledgeable and will repair your car to your satisfaction. We need our air conditioning. It can get hot and if you are stuck in a traffic jam nothing is worse than having no AC. We would certainly advise you to get your AC checked annually to reduce your chances of getting into this situation, but even if you get an annual recharge, something can still go wrong. Your Auto AC isn’t simply about the Freon, which frankly is rarely the problem, there are other components that can cause your air conditioning to go on the fritz.

Skilled Auto AC Repair You Can Rely On

Your air conditioning system has many parts and is a fairly complex system. It has evaporator coils and compressors. It also has electric motors, belts, and pulleys. Any of these parts can break. Some of these parts can be repaired and some just have to be replaced. A skilled mechanic can locate leaks, worn parts or belts and save you a lot of money where a shop that is not so reliable or skilled may simply replace the major parts of the system and hope for the best. When you come to our shop, we will take the time to do the troubleshooting that is needed to repair your AC in the most affordable manner. We will pinpoint the cause of your problem and determine the best way to proceed. Sometimes we will repair the component that is causing you to endure the unbearable heat in the traffic jam, but other times it is either impossible to repair or the system is so worn that a repair will not hold up for long, and you’ll be back again with the same problem. We don’t want to see you back here, not that we don’t enjoy your business, but if you return with the same problem, then we didn’t do our job correctly.

Early Intervention Is Key

If you don’t come in for an annual checkup on your air conditioning, then you should know the warning signs of potential air conditioning problems. That water you see leaking from your car is not a problem, It is normal. That is the condensation that forms on the cold parts of the air conditioning system. If it is not water or has a smell or color, come in. You could have a leak. If the air conditioning doesn’t seem as cold as it used to or doesn’t cool your car off as well, stop by and we’ll check it out. If you hear squealing noises you could have a belt problem. You should get that checked out at once because the belt that makes your air conditioning system work also is attached to other components.

blowing warm air from auto AC repair thousand oaks caAir Conditioning Service Thousand Oaks, Ca,  & Maintenance:

At Bennett Automotive Services, we perform thorough air conditioning service thousand oaks, Ca, maintenance,  AC service and repair to ensure the comfort of you and your passengers and for the long term safety of your vehicle's AC system & performance. While most owners don’t seek AC service until the system stops working entirely, it’s important to bring your vehicle in if the vents emit warm air or if the car takes longer than usual to get cool.  Regular maintenance is crucial to detecting issues early, when they’re easier and cheaper to correct. As part of our AC service package, we evaluate the system for Freon leaks, clogged expansion tubes, cooling sensors and failed blower motors. Additionally, we inspect the AC for damaged or failed condensers and evaporators.  If you have any concern about your Car's AC system or performance, please feel free to call me for quick, honest answered questions, Sincerely, Brent Simmonsbrent simmons