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Auto Cooling System Service & Repair

Coolant Flush/Change, or Radiator Service & Repair:

Your car radiator keeps the engine from overheating by transferring heat from combustion to the air outside. Not only does regular radiator service keep your car safe, but it also ensures the comfort of the driver and passengers.
We inspect, service & repair all parts of your car's cooling system including:

  • Coolant Change (Flush)
  • Coolant Filter
  • Coolant Pump
  • Coolant Reservoir Tank
  • Coolant Temperature Sensor
  • Coolant Thermostat
  • Cooling Fan Repair
  • Heater Core Flush
  • Heater Core Leaks
  • Heater Core Repair
  • Heater Hose
  • High Performance Radiators
  • Radiator Cap
  • Radiator Coolant
  • Radiator Cooling Fan
  • Radiator Hoses
  • Radiator Leaks
  • Radiator Pumps
  • Radiator Repair
  • Radiator Thermostat
  • Water Pump Belt
  • Water Pump Gaskets
  • Water Pump Hose
  • Water Pump Leaks
  • Water Pump Repair & Service

  • Along with bringing your vehicle in for regular maintenance, you should seek service if:
    • the engine seems to be running hotter than usual
    • if you notice coolant pooling beneath the car.
    • You see steam ever
    • If your coolant appears brown or rusty in color

    After performing a thorough cooling system inspection, we can flush the radiator and add new coolant as needed. Additionally, we will repair defective or outdated thermostats and test the radiator pressure.

     If you have any concern about your Car’s radiator or cooling system, please feel free to call me for quick, honest answered questions,

    Sincerely, Brent Simmonsbrent simmons