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Honest and Professional Drivetrain Repair Thousand Oaks:

Most people do not really think about their cars. They drive them, admire then, enjoy them and curse them when they breakdown. It is almost as though they take it personally that the car is not there for them. It let them down. The fact is that frequently the people that own the cars let the cars down. They do not perform routine maintenance, they do not notice when something seems out of whack and get it looked at. Then, when the car won’t start or it stops running while you are driving down the highway, it is the car’s fault.

The drivetrain is one of those parts that, if maintenance is ignored, will cause you to hate your car. It is a little discussed, and often misunderstood, critical component of your vehicle. The drivetrain is composed of the driveshaft, the differential, the axles, the U-joints and the CV joints. The drivetrain takes the power from the engine, passes it through the transmission to the wheels. It controls the amount of torque, or force that turns the wheels.

The driveshaft is long steel tube that is attached to the transmission at one end and the wheels on the other. The U-joint controls the angles of the driveshaft. The CV joints are able to bend in any direction while maintaining a constant velocity. The differential transfers the power to the axles, which transfer it to the spinning wheels. Each of these components must be properly monitored to ensure they are operating corrected regularly.

Knowing Who To Trust for Reliable Drivetrain Services Makes Getting Repairs Done Easier

If you do end up having a problem with any of these parts or you suspect you may have a problem, stop in and have us check it out. In older cars, these parts had to be lubricated on a regular maintenance schedule. These days, the parts are self-sealing and should last for at least 100,000 miles. Once you hit that mileage, or if you are hard on your vehicle and take it off-roading, you should make sure that you get it inspected before problems arise.

Thankfully, you can bring that vehicle to a place where not only can you trust the experience and recommendation of the people doing the work, but where you can also see the issues for yourself. You do not need to worry about someone telling you a part is broken, only to scam you out of money. Instead, you can see where the issues are coming from, and then we can discuss the types of repair options you have. Once you have decided on how to repair the problem, we can get that done for you, getting you back on the road.

If you do have a problem, we guarantee that if you bring it to us, we will repair or replace it in a prompt and efficient manner. Our skilled technicians will examine each component of your drivetrain for excessive wear and tear and give you our recommendation for a course of action. You can count on us.

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