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Engine Tune-up Thousand Oaks

Engine Tune-up Thousand Oaks You Can Depend On:

Engine Tune-up Thousand Oaks for your car is a big deal. In the good old days, It was a manual process because all of the parts were simply mechanical. There were a lot more parts that needed attention. And you had to time the engine by hand and actually determine what the proper oxygen mix was. These days, a lot of that is controlled by the computer in your car and as long as that is working properly, a lot of the manual processes no longer have to be performed. But a lot still do, and the ones that do can affect the way your car runs and its overall fuel efficiency. It can even prevent other problems down the line. So, it is still important to get a tune-up.

So What Exactly is Involved in An Engine Tune-up?

First, there is a visual inspection of what goes on under your hood. We look at the spark plugs. Simply the color can tell us a lot. We look at the fuel filter to see if it’s clean as well as the fuel injectors to see if they are excessively dirty.

Then we get down to brass tacks. We pull the spark plugs and check their condition. We check the performance of the spark plugs to see if they are operating properly and aren’t too worn and that they spark properly. Then we check the spark plug wires to be sure that aren’t cracked. If there are problems with the spark plugs all of the cylinders won’t fire and that affects the engine performance,

Then we check the fuel filter and if it’s clogged or dirty we replace it. A clogged fuel filter can cause performance problems. We check the air filter and replace it if needed. We also check the fuel pump ensure that it’s functioning properly. If your fuel pump isn’t working correctly, you will have problems getting gas to the engine.

We check your fuel injectors. Clogged fuel injectors can also cause you performance problems and will prevent fuel from reaching the engine.  We clean them if they are dirty and replace them if they are not functioning properly.

Once we check, clean and change any components that are necessary, we check and adjust the timing if it’s necessary. The timing controls the firing of the cylinders. If they aren’t timed correctly, again, your performance is affected and your car will run rough.

Last we check the PCV valve to ensure it isn’t clogged and then we check your car’s points and condenser.

When we are finished with your tune-up your car will run like it’s brand new. Your gas mileage will increase if we uncovered any clogged or dirty components and when you leave our shop, you will be glad that you decided to get a tune-up. We’ll let you know when you should come back and do it again and as always, if you ever have a question, drive right in. We’re there to help.
 If you have any concern about your Car’s engine tune-up, please feel free to call me for quick, honest answered questions,

Sincerely, Brent Simmonsbrent simmons