Shocks- Struts & Suspension Installation Service

replace shocks thousand oaks caWe Install & Replace All Shocks, Struts, and Provide Suspension Service & Repair:

  A crucial vehicle component, the suspension system helps keep the vehicle balanced and allows the driver to remain in control on the road, while providing the most comfortable ride to the driver and passengers. You may be experiencing a problem with your shocks or struts, if you notice that:
  • your ride is bumpier than usual
  • that the steering is stiff
  • or that your car nose dips low before stopping..
  • or you hear “creaking” or “clunking” noises when you decelerate rapidly
  • or you see uneven tire wear in combination with these other symptoms.
At Bennett Automotive Services in thousand oaks, ca, our suspension system techs specialize in inspecting and replacing shocks and struts as well as ball joints if needed to improve overall handling as well as preventing tire wear prematurely as the cost of tires continues to go up. We can also install brand-new shocks to allow for greater stability and comfort while reducing braking distance. In the long run, maintaining your suspension system is crucial to your comfort as well as giving the driver more control off the vehicle in rapid deceleration of the car, thus protecting the safety of your family while in the car.  If you have any concern about your Car’s shocks or struts or hear unfamiliar noises, please feel free to call me for quick, honest answered questions, Sincerely, Brent Simmonsbrent simmons