Transmission Maintenance & Service

Mechanic repairing car

Transmission Maintenance and Service:

 Transmission servicing ensures your car can operate at various speeds by gears to make better use of the engine's torque.

you may want to visit your auto repair mechanic for maintenance,  If:
  • your car leaks transmission fluid
  • your transmission fluid is low or discolored
  • suffers from unusual shifting or grinding
  • experiences generally poor performance
  • you hear clunking noises when your car shifts gears
  • or the shifting is unusually noisy or erratic

At Bennett Automotive Services in Thousand Oaks, Ca, we conduct thorough transmission checks including the removal of the sump or pan and the replacement of the screen. Additionally, we perform full transmission fluid changes to remove dirt and other debris. Without regular transmission fluid changes, the moving parts in the transmission may not be sufficiently lubricated, causing your car to overheat.

 If you have any concern about your transmission slipping or not shifting smoothly, please feel free to call me for quick, honest answered questions,

Sincerely, Brent Simmonsbrent simmons